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What happens after the pandemic? What will be the new normal? Why do we feel the need for change? Where and how do we want to live? What can we do together as a community?

The past year has led so many of us to slow down and begin to ask some fundamental questions about our lives and the structures, systems and places that shape them. We don't want to just go back to normal. We see this 'Great Pause' as an opportunity to do things better with more appreciation and awareness of the things that truly matter.

We are all still trying to make sense of the situation and figure out the next steps to take. H:FEST is for anyone who has started to questions the status quo during lockdown and wants to go deeper and explore what comes next with others.


H:FEST is also a safe space to release the social anxiety and frustration that we have all been carrying as a result of the pandemic. We are all human. We all get lonely and exhausted from too much time in front of our screens. Let's dine, let’s dance and have some fun whilst co-creating with new friends and neighbours in a more mindful, creative and intentional way.

If this sounds intriguing then please reserve your place by investing in and promoting our crowdfunding campaign on Spacehive.


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Each year the Mayor of London teams up with Spacehive (a civic crowdfunding platform) to support grassroots community projects. They offer up to 75% of match funding which means that every £ you give could be matched with another £1.50 in grant funding. We are not just asking for donations. Whatever you give to the campaign will be redeemable against our future events. Everyone who funds our campaign becomes a H:FEST member and will get early bird access to our events and a 20% discount when booking our event space. We will also use this funding to launch local initiatives that give back to people who live in the area as well as offering free membership and tickets to those who cannot afford it.



The 'H' in H:FEST has many meanings. It stands for HUMANITY but it also is a reference to House of Transformation, Haggerston and Hackney, which is our local neighbourhood and borough in East London.

Throughout history we’ve seen pandemics give birth to periods of radical creativity; from the Black Death and the Renaissance to the Spanish flu and the Roaring Twenties. However, history has also shown us that while some cities have boomed following a crisis, others never recovered. Now more than ever, London needs new ideas, creators, doers and makers to help our city recover and grow stronger from the COVID-19 crisis. H:FEST is about rebuilding the spirit of community and co-creation that will inspire this recovery.

Our vision is for H:FEST to grow into a city wide movement that brings neighbours together in creative ways, whilst also supporting local artists, community hubs, small businesses & high streets. However, the first step is to focus on hosting intimate weekend festivals for up to 30 people at our space in East London. 

We are united by the belief that things shouldn't just go back to normal. H:FEST is about stepping into a space of dialogue and inquiry with your friends and neighbours to explore how we can do things better together.

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H:FEST was born at the