We are building a collective of inspiring, independent and affordable event spaces across London and the UK

About Us

During lockdown we decided to open a community event space called House of Transformation.


When we started to look for ways to promote our space online we realised that the experience of searching online for event venues really sucks and that finding a way to promote your space is even worse. We also met our neighbours and decided to explore how we could bring all of our different spaces, projects and communities together into a single collaboration.


That's how DreamSpaces was born. 


We built this website to provide independent spaces with a simple and free way to collaborate and attract new customers

We have also setup a slack community where we discuss and collaborate on a wide range of projects and ideas, with the shared purpose of inspiring and supporting each other in both work and life.

Our Vision

Inspire Local Action


We believe in the power of collaboration over competition. We also believe in the importance of physical spaces in (re)building community and unleashing creativity. 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone and now more than ever people living in cities need access to spaces where creativity and community can thrive.

Dreamspaces is both a platform and a collective designed to inspire local action. From transforming spaces to co-creating events. From making art together to launching new businesses. The show must go on!

Our Business Model

Built on trust, transparency & collaboration

We want to remove all the possible friction that comes with finding, hiring and transforming spaces in London. We work with mostly independent and community run venues who don't have expensive marketing budgets. Our business model is based on trust where both our members and our venues only pay what they feel is fair and what they can afford. 

So if you run or know of a space then please contact and complete this form to add a space to our database.


and we will match you with the perfect space


and we will connect you with new customers



and become a part of the DreamSpaces Collective